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The day-to-day operations of an industrial plant generate a lot of dust and dangerous fumes, but that doesn’t mean you should have to tolerate it. Area Sheet Metal Heating & Cooling designs custom air duct systems for industrial customers that help remove dangerous fumes, reduce dust, and improve air quality. See how custom ductwork can streamline and transform your industrial property by calling us today.

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Benefit from our experience. We’ve been providing duct solutions for customers for decades.


We prioritize quality, so we’re happy to stand by our work. We offer a lifetime workmanship guarantee.

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As a family-run business, we can provide a higher level of service and detail for our customers.

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You’ll get nothing but the best work from our team. All our technicians undergo years of apprenticeship and schooling.

Professional Ductwork Services for Homes & Businesses

No matter your industrial property’s air duct needs, Area Sheet Metal Heating & Cooling is here to help:

Custom Duct Work for Industrial Properties

Having a customized duct system in your industrial facilities can make all the difference in your day-to-day operations. Area Sheet Metal has been providing custom air duct systems for steel mills, factories, and other industrial clients in Northwest Indiana for decades. You can count on them to perform custom ductwork for you, too.

We start by learning about your industrial property’s function and operations. Then we design and install custom ductwork tailored to improving your property’s air quality and cleanliness.

Dust Collection

If your plant’s operations generate a lot of dust and debris, we can design customized ductwork that captures airborne dust particles and prevents them from spreading further. Duct dust collection systems reduce employee health hazards, boost the cleanliness of your property, and help you comply with environmental regulations.

Fume Mitigation

If your plant’s operations generate hazardous fumes, custom ductwork can provide a solution. We can design duct systems with specialized ventilation systems that remove dangerous fumes, gasses, and vapors generated by industrial processes. With air duct fume mitigation, you can protect the health of your employees and comply with regulatory guidelines.

Our 3-Step Process

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Custom Ductwork

We’ll install and maintain your custom duct system.


Your property’s ductwork is ready to handle your facility's needs.

Custom Ductwork For:

Industrial Duct Repair

Timely duct repair is especially important for industrial facilities since they often rely on air ducts to help remove dust and dangerous gasses in addition to heating and cooling. Area Sheet Metal Heating & Cooling is ready round the clock to help quickly diagnose and repair your damaged ducts. Give us a call now.

Industrial Duct Maintenance & Cleaning

Part of keeping your custom air ducts in top shape is getting them regularly maintained and cleaned. At Area Sheet Metal Heating & Cooling, we offer both of these services for industrial customers. Just give us a call.