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Stay Cool & Make a Difference: Area Sheet Metal Yard Sign Program Offers Prizes, Charity Donations

From Long Beach, IN, to Aberdeen and every town in between, you’ll see bright blue and red yard signs with a distinguishable yellow smiley face and cancer ribbon. That sign has a major significance to us at Area Sheet Metal Heating & Cooling. Our Yard Sign Program is quite popular, but not everyone is familiar with the story behind it. If you are wondering why our Yard Sign Program is such a big deal or you want to participate, keep reading to learn more.

Area Sheet Metal Annual Yard Sign Program: Join in for Exciting Prizes & a Great Cause

The Yard Sign program has two missions: reward the community with cool prizes while giving back to a charity that means a lot to us (more on that later). It’s quick, easy, and free to participate in the program. Learn all about how this program works by reading below.

Put a yard sign in your yard (visible from the road)

Beginning in April and through the month of November, simply put a yard sign in your yard that is visible from the road. All you have to do is call and we will come put a yard sign in your yard. You don’t have to do anything, which is the best part!

The drawing happens at the beginning of the month and a winner is selected randomly. As long as the yard sign is still standing, you can be selected to win cool prizes and even our big grand prize. You can also win multiple times throughout the season!

Be entered to win a variety of prizes

What kind of prizes can you expect to win? During our monthly drawing, you can win items such as:

  • Large screen TV
  • Indoor Air Quality products such as UV lights, air cleaners, case of filters
  • Gift cards to restaurants

If you don’t want or need these items, you can gift them to someone else.

Grand Prize Drawings at the end of November

This is where the program gets even more exciting. At the end of November, you have the chance to win a grand prize from Area Sheet Metal Heating & Cooling. Keep in mind that you must leave your yard sign up to qualify. We will check to make sure it is displayed in your yard.

Grand prizes include a new air conditioner unit or furnace unit with full installation. If there is no need for a new furnace or AC, you may gift it to someone else as long as they are in our service area. We will happily install it for them!

To increase your chances of winning, we select multiple grand prize winners in November.

Win Cool Prizes: Who Qualifies for our Happy Customer Yard Sign Program?

Anyone! You don’t have to be a customer of ours to participate. Simply displaying a yard sign at your home qualifies you for entry. If you live in one of the following areas and surrounding communities, we’d love for you to participate. Some of these locations include:

  • Aberdeen
  • Beverly Shores
  • Chesterton
  • Hobart
  • Lake Station
  • Long Beach
  • Merrillville
  • Ogden Dunes
  • Portage
  • Porter
  • Shorewood Forest
  • South Haven
  • Valparaiso
  • Wheeler
  • Winfield
  • Plus many surrounding communities!

You can also put up a yard sign when you hire us for any HVAC services that we offer. This includes air conditioner installation, heating installation, air conditioner repair, furnace repair, and maintenance plans to keep your system running efficiently.

Our Passion for Charitable Donations: $5 Donated for Every Yard Sign

When you put our happy customer yard sign in your yard, Area Sheet Metal Heating & Cooling donates $5 to charity. It’s our way of giving back and making our customers feel included, too. Our team has a huge passion for dating to charitable causes and for good reason.

Our Story with The NICK Foundation

John Leonard and his wife Kathryn have always had a passion for helping people. While John is a part owner of Area Sheet Metal Heating and Cooling, Kathryn spent many years managing the Disney Store and also volunteered for the NICK Foundation. However, fate intervened and their story took an unexpected turn when their son Jackson was diagnosed with leukemia at the young age of 8. This is where their previous support for the NICK Foundation came full circle as they turned to the organization for assistance during this difficult time.

Without hesitation, The NICK Foundation jumped into action and offered their support for Jackson. The organization was incredible for making sure their son had the treatment he needed. Today, he is in full remission and doing well with yearly checkups.

Because of the compassion and kindness of The NICK Foundation, Area Sheet Metal continues to give back to them. This is a big reason for the push behind the Yard Sign Program. It’s also why we choose to donate $5 to the charity for each yard sign.

About The NICK Foundation

Northwest Indiana Cancer Kids (NICK) is a non-profit organization recognized as a 501c3 charity that was founded by a family affected by childhood cancer in the local community. The families associated with NICK understand the difficulties and challenges that families facing childhood cancer may face, as they have been in similar situations. This includes us at Area Sheet Metal!

The public is encouraged to take the time to explore NICK’s website and reach out to the organization for support. Regardless of where families are in their journey with childhood cancer, NICK is dedicated to offering support and being available for conversation.

NICK is a volunteer-driven organization and welcomes anyone who wishes to make a positive impact in the fight against childhood cancer.

Friends, family members, and anyone else interested in making a difference are encouraged to consider volunteering their time to assist with or host one of NICK’s events. You can also donate to the organization via PayPal by clicking here.

Other Foundations we Support

While NICK has a special place in our hearts, Area Sheet Metal also supports and donates to the following organizations:

Contact us for a Yard Sign Today

Whether you want the chance to win a prize or want to help us support NICK, all you have to do is pick up the phone. You are welcome to request our services or simply reach out to display our sign in your yard. No matter your reason behind displaying our yard sign, we thank you for thinking of us as well as the NICK Foundation. Call us today at 219-400-3345.

Remember to follow our Facebook page (Area Sheet Metal, Inc.) to ensure you don’t miss out on our winner announcement!

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