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Top Tips for Effective Routine Air Conditioning Maintenance

When spring turns into summer here in Indiana, air conditioning is a blessing. This is especially true during those hot summer months. But like any other machine, it needs regular care to function at its best. It’s never too early to prepare with routine air conditioning maintenance! Routine maintenance is improves the longevity of your

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The Beginner’s Guide to Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication is a fascinating process. It’s a process that transforms raw, unyielding materials into objects of intricate beauty and powerful functionality. Every cut, bend, and weld is a step in a complex dance that gives life to structures, vehicles, appliances, and countless other products that shape our daily lives. When you look at it

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Popular Customer Question: Why is my Furnace so Loud?

There’s a chill in the air and you reach for your thermostat to crank up the heat. Suddenly, you hear it–a loud popping sound as your furnace kicks on. Or perhaps your furnace sounds normal, but just a lot louder than you remember from last year. Homeowners here in Indiana contact us at Area Sheet

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Preparing Your HVAC System for Spring Allergy Season

While winter is still here, spring will be in swing before we know it. As trees begin to bloom and the days grow longer, many of us are already itching for the joys of the season. However, for many, this season brings with it a less welcome companion: allergies. But can HVAC system maintenance help

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All About Air Filters: Types, Functions, and More

In the world of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), preventative maintenance stands as the cornerstone for system longevity and efficiency. Central to this maintenance regime are air filters–often understated yet vital components in the HVAC system. These filters not only purify the air we breathe but also safeguard the intricate machinery from dust and

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What to do When Your Furnace Stops Working

It’s a dark and cold afternoon. You notice it feels a bit chilly inside, so you dial up the thermostat expecting to feel some heat—except nothing happens. Oh no! When your furnace stops working, especially during the chilly months in Indiana, it can be a source of significant discomfort and concern. But what do you

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